Cook and Bake with Laurie in Santa Barbara

Class Ideas

Small Group, Book Club, or Corporate Bonding

Get your friends or business associates together with a cooking or baking event. This is a wonderful way to bond without even trying! Cook and Bake With Laurie in Santa Barbara will provide an enjoyable time and show you creating a meal together is a wonderful experience. 

*All Group Classes Are $45.00 per person

Create something delicious as a family

A great way to bring everyone into the kitchen! Make a delicious meal. Mother-daughter, Father-son, or all of family. Add friends or neighbors.

Don't forget the mouth-watering dessert.

Newly Wed?

Let me take you through the ins and outs of the kitchen. Also, learn some basic recipes we'll make together in my kitchen or yours.

For Men Only

"There's nothing to eat in the refrigerator," is a common complaint by many men. I will show you how to find enough ingredients to cook up something quick, easy, and delicious.

Birthday Parties

Why not let your kids bake their own birthday cake or cupcakes as part of the party? I will guide them through the process and we will frost and decorate what we've made. Great fun!

Cooking for Diabetics

You don't have to miss out on delicious meals. I will teach you how to make great, filling salads,  healthy entrees, and the basics of combining foods for a satisfying diet.