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 Your children, your partner, your guest, or friends have decided that instead of going out for dinner, they'd rather stay home and watch a movie. Easy for them; not so easy for you.   The day has been busy, you have nothing planned and when you open the refrigerator door, there’s nothing to there to create a last minute meal.  This is when cook and bake with Laurie classes can help. Check out this link:

My classes to the rescue


 No, I don’t pop out of your refrigerator with a prepared meal, but I can teach you how to put together a quick, easy one with the ingredients you do have on hand.   
For the last 35 years, as the owner/ operator of Santa Barbara’s legendary, Our Daily Bread, I developed recipes for healthy soups, salads, sandwiches, easy dinners and desserts that you too can make. The recipes are not complicated, they don't require hours of preparation, and I can teach you how to make them in relaxed sessions. 

Let’s not forget desserts


  A special focus of these classes are my own recipes for  fantastic pies, cakes, vegan, non-dairy desserts, and gluten free goodies. Everything is made from scratch. I teach people how to cook fresh, tasty food, so that when you leave the lunch or dinner table you feel like you did right by your body. These 2-3 hour Santa Barbara classes will also build your confidence in the kitchen; so that at any time, you can provide the kind of food that makes you proud to call yourself the cook.

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Group Classes start at $50 per person including ingredients

Private Classes start at $100.00 including ingredients

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